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Jobs & Economy

The Marion County Democratic Party is committed to ensuring all working people and families have a living wage.

Public Education

Strong and Equal public schools are the foundation of a verdant society. Ensuring that all of our city’s public schools are well funded and are protected from regressive attacks is one of our highest priorities.

Women’s Rights

From an equal wage for equal work to affordable access to healthcare and the right to choose, the Marion County Democratic Party will always fight for women’s rights.

LGBTQ Rights

From RFRA to HJR-3, the assault on LGBTQ equality is ceaseless from the right. Indianapolis is committed to being and open and accepting community for all LGBTQ people.


Acceptance of immigrants, undocumented and otherwise, continues to be a core of Democratic Party values. All are welcome in Marion County.

Transit Access

We must ensure that the city expands and improves our public transit infrastructure, to connect all of Indianapolis’ great neighborhoods.