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The Marion County Democratic Party is proud to be represented by a diverse, talented and hard-working group of leaders.
The following individuals serve on the Marion County Democratic Party Central Committee:
Chair – Kate Sweeney Bell
Vice Chair – David Bride
Secretary – LaDonna Freeman
Treasurer – Andre’ Zhang Sonera

Democrats serving in elected office in Marion County:

André Carson
United States Congressman

District 7

Joe Hogsett
Mayor of Indianapolis

State Senators

J.D. Ford
State Senator
Indiana State Senate – District 29

Fady Qaddoura
State Senator
Indiana State Senate – District 30

Greg Taylor
State Senator
Indiana State Senate – District 33

Jean Breaux
State Senator
Indiana State Senate – District 34

State Representatives

Ed DeLaney
Indiana State House of Representatives – District 86

Carey Hamilton
Indiana State House of Representatives – District 87

Mitch Gore
Indiana State House of Representatives – District 89

Renee Pack
Indiana State House of Representatives – District 92

Cherrish Pryor
Indiana State House of Representatives – District 94

John Bartlett
Indiana State House of Representatives – District 95

Greg Porter
Indiana State House of Representatives – District 96

Justin Moed
Indiana State House of Representatives – District 97

Robin Shackleford
Indiana State House of Representatives – District 98

Vanessa Summers
Indiana State House of Representatives – District 99

Blake Johnson
Indiana State House of Representatives – District 100

Marion County Elected Officials

Myla Eldridge
Marion County Clerk

Kerry Forestal
Marion County Sheriff

Debra S. Jenkins
Marion County Surveyor

Barbara Lawrence
Marion County Treasurer

Sheryl Lynch
Circuit Court Judge

Ryan Mears
Marion County Prosecutor

Joseph P. O’Connor
Marion County Assessor

Lee Sloan
Marion County Coroner

Julie L. Voorhies
Marion County Auditor

Kate Sweeney Bell
Marion County Recorder

Indianapolis City-County Councillors

Leroy Robinson
City-County Councillor, District 1

Keith Potts
City-County Councillor, District 2

Dan Boots
City-County Councillor, District 3

Alison Brown
City-County Councillor, District 5

Crista Carlino
City-County Councillor, District 6

John Barth
City-County Councillor, District 7

Monroe Gray
City-County Councillor, District 8

William “Duke” Oliver
City-County Councillor, District 9

Maggie Lewis
City-County Councillor, District 10

Vop Osili
City-County Councillor, District 11

Jason Larrison
City-County Councillor, District 12

Keith Graves
City-County Councillor, District 13

La Keisha Jackson
City-County Councillor, District 14

Jessica McCormick
City-County Councillor, District 15

Kristin Jones
City-County Councillor, District 16

Zach Adamson
City-County Councillor, District 17

David Ray
City-County Councillor, District 19

Frank Mascari
City-County Councillor, District 21

Jared Evans
City-County Councillor, District 22


Tyrrell Giles
Lawrence Common Council District 1

Rick Wells
Lawrence Common Council District 2

Sherron Freeman
Lawrence Common Council District 3

Maria Rusomaroff
Lawrence Common Council District 4

Lisa Chavis
Lawrence Common Council At-Large

Shawn Denney
Lawrence Common Council At-Large

Deborah Whitfield
Lawrence Common Council At-Large


Dennis Buckley
Mayor, City of Beech Grove

James Coffman
Clerk-Treasurer, City of Beech Grove

Elizabeth Anne Lamping
Common Council District 1, City of Beech Grove

Dave Harrison
Common Council District 5, City of Beech Grove

Buddy Templin
Common Council At-Large, City of Beech Grove


Theresa Bruno
Council Member At-Large, Town of Warren Park


Eugene W. Akers
Center Township Trustee

Lance Stephens
Center Township Constable

Brenda Roper
Center Township Judge

Phyllis A. Carr
Center Township Board, District 1

Linda Journey
Center Township Board, District 2

George A. Farley
Center Township Board, District 3

Frances Barker
Center Township Board, District 4

William Jackson
Center Township Board, District 5


Steve Talley
Lawrence Township Trustee

Terry Burns
Lawrence Township Constable

Kim Bacon
Lawrence Township Judge

Fred Freeman
Lawrence Township Board, District 1

Jesse Dotson
Lawrence Township Board, District 2

Derek Morris
Lawrence Township Board, District 4

Sharon Y. Anderson
Lawrence Township Board, District 5


Annette Johnson
Pike Township Trustee

Joe Turner
Pike Township Constable

A. Douglas Stephens
Pike Township Judge

David J. Willis
Pike Township Board, District 1

A. Steve Anderson
Pike Township Board, District 2

Cynthia Oda
Pike Township Board, District 3

Claudette J. Peterson
Pike Township Board, District 4

Burnice Head
Pike Township Board, District 5


Vernon Brown
Warren Township Trustee

Charles Staples
Warren Township Constable of the Small Claims Court

Garland Graves
Warren Township Judge of the Small Claims Court

Andy Whitehurst
Warren Township Board, District 1

Cheryl Talley-Black
Warren Township Board, District 2

David Bride

David Bride
Warren Township Board, District 3

Ella Hollis
Warren Township Board, District 4

Denita Harris
Warren Township Board, District 5


Frank Short
Washington Township Trustee

Steve Miller
Washington Township Constable

Steven Poore
Washington Township Judge of the Small Claims Court

David F. Smith
Washington Township Board, District 1

Lacy M. Johnson, III
Washington Township Board, District 2

Erica Boswell
Washington Township Board, District 3

Emily Denton
Washington Township Board, District 4

Eric D. Poole, Sr.
Washington Township Board, District 5


Chuck Jones
Wayne Township Trustee

Gerald Coleman
Wayne Township Judge of Small Claims Court

Kevin Kelly
Wayne Township Constable of Small Claims Court

Gary (Woody) Woodruff
Wayne Township Board, District 1

Charlotte Scott
Wayne Township Board, District 2

Bryan Chatfield
Wayne Township Board, District 3

Doris Minton McNeill
Wayne Township Board, District 4

Ramona Coan-Ward
Wayne Township Board, District 5